One-of-a-Kind Branding Solutions

One-of-a-Kind Branding Solutions

Neenah enables you to bring your design to life through extensive cover material color and texture options, a generous full sheet sampling program and custom design ProtoLab services - if you can’t find what you want from our thousands of standard options. We combine these services with our sales expertise to offer an ideal means of creating tactile and visually pleasing materials which allow you to protect and decorate your products.

Based in the company’s Lowville, NY facility, the ProtoLab is gaining a reputation as one of Neenah’s most appreciated services. For projects that merit these custom materials, we will match any material you send us – and send large sized sheets back for your own prototyping work. You no longer have to imagine what your product will look like – you’ll help you see it full scale!

If your project requires a custom look and feel, contact customer service with project information and a representative will be in touch with you to discuss your creative ideas.


Custom Solutions

If our thousands of standard options don’t create your perfect solution, we’ll customize a solution for you.